Friday, September 3, 2010

4 Easy Steps to Upgrade Android with HTC Desire

Although not yet widely available, but the Android 2.2 or Froyo was worth trying in some mobile phones. Call it that HTC has released it for Desire.
For U.S. territory Froyo upgrade for HTC Desire was released in August 2010. Whereas for the Asian region was released a few weeks longer.
By using the HTC you can enjoy Froyo Desire. Ways to do to switch to Froyo not difficult, here are the steps:

1. Check latest updatesUsers can check in advance what updates have been prepared by HTC. To do it just need to go to the Settings menu, then About Phone and then refer to the System Sotfware Updates. Wait a moment, the phone will check for latest updates.

2. Backup filesBecause it will change the operating system, all the installation files, contact lists, as well as several other files that are on the internal memory will be erased. Therefore the backup files shall be done. For a list of contacts for example, users can synchronize your google account.
3. SD CardBefore performing the latest update, make sure there is enough space on the external memory used. Because, every file you download will first be placed on the SD card is available.
4. Prepare a smooth connection After checking the latest updates on the HTC server, users will be prompted to download a few files first before switching to Froyo. After that a new cell phone is ready for upgrading the operating system.
In order to smooth the installation process, users are advised to use the current connection like Wi-fi. The reason is, the file size that will be downloaded which is quite big, about 90MB.
After all donwload process is completed, users are now ready to migrate to Froyo. Wait a few moments, the phone will perform the installation automatically. Easy isn't it?

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