Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lock the Computer with a USB Flash Drive

We all are familiar with USB flash drive that also often called the flash disk. Apparently, the flash disk can not can only be used to store and carry files, but also can be used to lock the computer, with the help of an application called Predator. The concept is simple, that is when we pull out our flask disk, the computer is locked. Then when we plug the back flash disk, the computer will be used again.

How to use the Predator is a very simple application. We just need to plug the flash disk, run the application Predator, and start working. When we need to leave the computer for a while, we just pull out our flash disk, and a keyboard and mouse will be locked. The computer screen will become dark. When we returned, we only need to plug the back flash disk that serves as the key before, and we can proceed with the work.

Predator Applications can also be set to use a password when we will unlock the computer. As anticipated when the flash disk that serves as the main key is lost, we can make a spare key with flash disk, which can be used in an emergency.

Predator Applications are available in paid versions and free versions. We can use it free of charge provided for personal use only. Unfortunately, this application can only be used on computers that use Windows operating systems only.

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