Tuesday, October 5, 2010

7 Tips for Keeping Passwords

Passwords are secret codes that must be protected. Many negative things can happen when your password leak into the hands of others. Learn 7 tips to keep it brief.

1. Not Using Default Password
The default password is the password that we can be the first time. This default password should indeed be quickly replaced because of very vulnerable. The reason, the default password can be easily searched on google search, even there are listed the name of a machine, type and default password with a magnificent plastered on some website creators vendors.

Sometimes administrators fear of forgetting to change-change the default password, so that an intruder can take over the system with default passwords.
2.Using No Password Hint
Sometimes we are afraid to forget the password that was our entry into the system / account, so we need to create a reminder if we forget the password. Now this is called password reminder Hint, if we create a password hint question with this then we can quickly recall these forgotten passwords.

Likewise with the hackers, they'll experiment with us to guess the password in the password hint questions, gradually password will be predictable, if the questions listed in the password hint can be answered by the penebak password.

3. Writing No Password
Owners are often afraid to forget your password with the password has been entered, so the owner would write different passwords user id and password into other media such as a notebook, notepad, Stickies (mac), password folders, books, mobile phones and other.

It is also quite vulnerable to leaking. Why vulnerable? Because when a variety of equipment is lost, then all information about a user id and password are sooner or later will be known by the thief equipments / gadgets are missing.

4.Using a Strong Password
Owner passwords often using a short password only, if it could be shorter than 3 characters then the user will give a short password. Fortunately this time the system provides a minimum password length of 6 characters and a maximum of 254 characters. The longer a password the stronger it will be the password security.

Strong passwords can be created with a combination of numbers and letters and even a variety of other characters. Some admins are currently using a password that is long enough, coupled with encryption such as PGP key and others, so it is quite difficult to guess password.

5.Always Change Password
Owners should periodically change your password for authentication password, the more frequent password changes, the better, because the more difficult the penebak password hacking account / your system. Changes to the password depends on the owner, could be a week, a month, three months, and others. Originally the owner does not forget the password that was changed earlier.

6. Using No Same Password on Multiple Accounts
Owners often forget and sometimes passwords frequently enough to create an account, so they each create a new account using the same user id and password are the same, this is very vulnerable and dangerous. Because these passwords through a single account, all accounts will be taken by the hacker.

7. Using Password Management
To help recall the various passwords and various accounts, we are often very difficult, but not to worry because it has many current applications to help organize our passwords. This application can be downloaded for free from the internet and paid, so that regardless of our account and whatever we can with the password easy to remember and re-opened, of course, to open it with an encryption method as well.

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